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Music Intelligence empowered by Artificial Intelligence


AI Technology

We use advanced big data science and machine learning to auto-crunch and analyse performance, and thereby understand how to constantly optimise the output in an ever-changing digital market. The bigger we get, the more data we collect, the better we perform.



We’re directly connected with an extensive (and growing) list of APIs to aggregators, platforms, and services in order to deliver and manage assets and products worldwide directly from our own system. We collect and compute royalties from all sources, and pay out to the Content Owners periodically.


Music Manager Portal

As a Content Owner, you’ll get access to your exclusive environment of the Music Manager Portal. Here you’ll be able to follow our performance with your assets on an ongoing basis, and get in-depth yet intuitive information and insights. Obviously, you will always have our human experts to consult directly.


We work to maximise the commercial output of catalogues for all sorts of content owners, including Artists, Families, Labels, Studios, and Associations. The digital market is constantly changing, and continuously optimising the financial outcome from rights catalogues is all about increasing the sum of pennies. Simply making content available is not enough – it’s both a science and an art.

Using automated data analytics from hundreds of thousands of recordings in our portfolio combined with publicly available performance data of 10s of millions of tracks, our Artificial Intelligence Technology empowers our Music Specialists to constantly improve the positioning, potential, and performance of recordings and videos on digital platforms – both niche platforms and worldwide stores and services.

By constantly feeding our software with primary data from our collections, we improve every day, and so does the financial performance of the rights we manage. Our technology and data-minded approach gives us a significant advantage as a content management company, and makes our operations incredibly scalable, which benefits both current and future clients alike.

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