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We use data science and machine learning to analyze performance, and thereby understand how to constantly optimize our output in an ever-changing digital market. The bigger we get - the more data we collect -the better we perform.

Key Features:
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Connectivity
  • Client Dashboard

Using data analytics from hundreds of thousands of recordings in our portfolio combined with publicly available performance data of tens of millions of tracks, our Machine Learning technology empowers our music specialists to constantly improve the positioning, potential, and performance of recordings and videos on all major digital platforms and services. By constantly feeding our algorithm with primary data from our collections, we improve every day, and so does the financial performance of the rights we manage. Our technology and data-minded approach gives us a significant advantage as a content management company, and makes our operations incredibly scalable, which benefits both current and future clients alike.

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our Approach

How We Work


Asset Ingestion

We will work with you to help cover every aspect of onboarding your audio recording and video content in a secure and seemless process.

Metadata Optimization

We will provide solutions in updating your contents metadata to a digital industry standard for over 230+ DSPs.

Creative Services

We will provide creative direction and artwork for product compiling, release strategies and give insights into target audience trends.

Digital Distribution

We’re directly connected with an extensive (and growing) list of APIs to aggregators, platforms, and services in order to deliver and manage assets and products worldwide directly from our own system.

Royalty Management and Payout

We collect all royalties associated with your content from over 230 Digital stores and provide periodical statements and payments.

Client Dashboard

You’ll get access to our Music Manager Portal. Here you’ll be able to follow the performance with your assets on an ongoing basis, and get in-depth data analytics and insights.

We deliver to over 230 Global Music Stores

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Who We Are

Creative Team

Co-Founder & Chairman
Verner Bach
Content Author
Co-Founder & CEO
Jimmy Bach
Content Author
Chief Technology Officer
Pedro Reis
Content Author
Creative Director
Michael Turkington
Content Author
Head of Content
Robin Maddicott
Content Author
Content Specialist
Paul Savory
Content Author
Head of Sync & Curation
Business & Legal Affairs
Anette Jensen
Content Author
Chief Financial Officer
Jakob Alkier
Content Author
Finance Assistant
Birgitte Hansen
Content Author
Music Manager

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