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We specialise in optimising the commercial performance of catalogues of recording and video content from all digital avenues, and our general principle is that we succeed when the Content Owner succeeds.

The market is an ever-changing digital and global landscape. Therefore, we stay at the forefront to ensure that the content continues to meet its potential demand. Our team of Content Experts and Creative Technicians use our bespoke AI technology and data-minded approach to maximise the reach and commercial performance through digitalisation, compiling and positioning, metadata optimisation, digital distribution, playlisting, licensing to movies, TV shows, and advertisement, collecting royalties from neighbouring rights, and much more.

Our team has many years of experience in licensing music for movies, TV series, advertisement, gaming, and more.
We created SyncShack – an online platform by Music Manager that makes it easy for everyone to find great pre-cleared music for any project.

Here are some of the productions and clients that we have delivered music to:

Watch Production: ‘Brad’s Status’ with Ben Stiller Track: “Aloha Oe” by Mayfair Ensemble

Featured Tracks

  1. You Got the Love Candi Staton 0:30
  2. Boys (Summertime Love) Sabrina 0:30
  3. Fame Irene Cara 0:30
  4. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep Middle of the Road 0:30
  5. Agadoo Black Lace 0:30
  6. You'll Never Walk Alone Gerry & The Pacemakers 0:30
  7. The Støvle Dance De Nattergale 0:30
  8. Bette Davis Eyes Kim Carnes 0:30
  9. Living Next Door To Alice Smokie 0:30
  10. Do You Love Me The Contours 0:30
  11. Kan Ikke Vente Til I Morgen Kogekunst 0:30
  12. Baby Now That I've Found You Foundations 0:30
  13. Shake Your Groove Thing Peaches & Herb 0:30
  14. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Marmalade 0:30
  15. Irish Party In Third Class Titanic Orchestra 0:30
  16. Something From Nothing Aura Diore 0:30
  17. Fragment Eight - The Sound Of Swing part 2 The Kenneth Bager Experience 0:30
  18. Feed the Horse Fagget Fairys 0:30
  19. Rainbow Girl Giana Factory 0:30
  20. Young Hearts Run Free Candi Staton 0:30
  21. Hang On In There Baby Johnny Bristol 0:30
  22. Yes Boss Hess Is More 0:30
  23. Supermarioland Ambassadors of Funk featuring M.C. Mario 0:30

Worldwide focus

We service a global audience, and focus on positioning and distributing content on major stores and platforms as well regional and national niche services. By constantly analysing performance data, we’re able to unlock latent potential and expand the reach an business on behalf of the Content Owners.

Rest of Europe
Asia Pacific

3 types of rights owners

We service private rights holders such as Families and Artists, and organisations such as Independent Labels, Foundations and Associations, Licensing Companies, and Studios.

Premium Artists
Indie Artists

25 different genres

We manage digital content of all types from audio books, video series, and nursery rhymes, to all genres and decades of music including jazz, classical, pop, funk, rock, disco, hip hop, soul, R&B, EDM, house music, world music, and creative covers.


Here are some of the services and stores that we deliver to:

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