About Us

Music Manager is a family-owned company built on decades of experience in the global music industry.
We are a catalogue management company specialised in optimising the commercial output and value of passive or growing portfolios on behalf of independent music catalogue owners and investment companies.
Our experienced team, operations and bespoke technologies enable us to offer value for partners who might have assets distributed via multiple distributors, aggregators, and licensees. We help optimise the value for all stakeholders on asset-level.

Our Business

We work with more than 250,000 music copyright assets for partners around the world. We have a proven track record of exceeding general market growth rates with artist back catalogues and mixed catalogues/portfolios.

We complete a full due diligence of your portfolio, optimise all assets, maximize distribution outreach, actively target new market opportunities across all avenues, and offer you transparency and clarity by collecting, computing, and presenting data from all sources in a simple online overview.

Working as an integrated partner, we commit our 360 degree services primarily with a variable fee structure driven by incremental growth. This means that you get full service and long-term commitment without adding significant OPEX relative to your business. We succeed when you succeed!

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Jan 2014
Founders acquire Marathon Media International Ltd. - a UK music company with a catalogue of 150,000+ musical assets.
Mar 2019
Music Manager is launched as catalogue management company – dedicated to maximising the commercial value of music rights catalogues.
Little Concert Ltd. becomes part of Music Manager. Its team is engaged to develop bespoke technologies for Music Manager’s long-term strategy.
Feb 2020
Music Manager completes its 3-year development plan of bespoke technologies and operational systems, allowing them to work efficiently with multiple catalogues at scale. The company starts to sign partnerships with a vast number of independent catalogue owners.
Dec 2021
All our associated companies are consolidated under the family-owned Music Holding Company A/S, owning 100% of the group's asset management company, its tech company and IP, and its portfolio of owned assets.
Jun 2022
Music Manager opens new office hub in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Music Manager opens tech office hub in Lisbon.
Feb 2017
Founders launch plan to develop an innovative music asset management company to service independent artists, labels & catalogue owners worldwide.
Sept 2019
Music Manager develops and launches SyncShack - an online platform that enables users to search, explore and license music for commercial projects.
Music Manager develops and launches TagMyTrack - a bespoke audio tagging program designed specifically for high-volume catalogues.
Mar 2021
Proof of Concept: Music Manager grows annual net receipts from its owned asset portfolio +70% from 2017 to 2021.
Music Manager enters ‘scale-up’ phase with the aim to become the preferred
trusted asset management partner for labels, artists, catalogue owners and investors worldwide.
May 2022
Music Manager launches Music Manager Xray: an online portal exclusively for partners enabling them to access detailed streaming and demographic data.


Music Manager currently manages more than 255,000 assets for partners worldwide.