Music Manager
Asset Management Platform

Our bespoke asset management platform sits at the centre of our operations, interconnected with operational and analysis tools, enabling us to process, distribute and manage high volume music catalogues.

Modular System

Music Manager AMP is specially developed to work actively with music rights at scale on the dynamic digital market and meet the requirements of various music distributors. It enables us to send and receive vast amounts of data, which is then stored in an independent centralised database. This database interconnects all of our services - from finance and legal affairs, to sync management and neighbouring rights collection - giving us a reliable solution to efficiently manage large music catalogues.

Data-driven Analysis

The data we receive is collected, parsed and analysed on an ongoing basis. This allows us to monitor and adapt to new industry changes and requirements as they happen. In conjunction with financial reporting, the analytics data is then sent to our client dashboard platform Music Manager X-Ray.

Music Manager

We develop and service a range of bespoke applications to cater for operational, partners and market needs, which are all connected directly with our Catalogue Management Platform.

Music Manager Compiler App

Music Manager’s product compiler system allows our team to easily conceptualise, compile and create new products using any track from within our master archive.

It’s core integration with our asset level metadata, means that any territorial or rights restrictions are automatically taken into account – allowing the compiler to focus on the creative process.

In addition, the app also features a smart-compile function where additional tracks are suggested to the compiler based on similarities in mood, genre, bpm and lyric/title keywords.

Music Manager X-RAY

Music Manager Xray is a bespoke dashboard application that enables our partners to access detailed analytics data, monitor overall commercial performance, and follow our operational work with their catalogue in real time.

In an intuitive and transparent manner, X-Ray displays a diverse range of information such as asset/product level performance, key territories and much more. This data provides valuable catalogue insights and can help clients re-evaluate & define long term strategy goals.


SyncShack by Music Manager, facilitates the business between recording and/or publishing rights-owners and companies looking to license music for any number of commercial uses.

Based on pre-agreed terms, and on behalf of our licensors, we offer licenses for some of the most iconic tunes in history, as well as a vast array of other recordings from iconic labels, up-and-coming artists and music production companies.

Our custom-made platform simplifies the commercial process in an otherwise foggy business, allowing deals to be finalized quickly and efficiently. We handle all transactions and paperwork to ensure that everything’s in order for the protection and peace of mind of both Licensee and Licensor.


Music Manager's TagMyTrack uses custom AI technology to scan audio files and autogenerate tags signifying key elements such as genre, mood, instrumentation and bpm.

These tags are then integrated into the asset level metadata and sent to all digital service providers for improved SEO, sync search and much more.

TagMyTrack’s advanced automated system enables us to tag large catalogues of music accurately in a very short amount of time.